3 Essential Marketing Questions

When you think of marketing, you most likely think about ads and social media. You think of marketing as getting your product in front of as many faces as possible. Marketing is more than that. You must know what customers want your product and work with your team to find the best solution to whatever issue is in play. 

Who Wants Your Product?

When you market your product, you need to find the right audience. Just getting your ad or product in as many places as possible won’t work. You need to find the people that your product will actually help. Let’s say you sell food for vegans. You would want to find vegans to buy your product. If someone isn’t a vegan, they probably won’t buy your product. 

Marketing is more than creating ads but they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. When first starting, word of mouth is important. The more people that know about it, the more likely the ad will reach a vegan, your target market. The point is to make it appealing to them so they buy your vegan food. Vegans are the market, the product is for them. Ads and social media posts are part of marketing. Consistently posting will go a long way in helping people find you.

What Sort of Content is Compelling to My Target Audience?

When I volunteered at my local library, I helped with marketing. The librarians wanted teens to create slogans and logos for teen programs. They knew this would be more appealing to teens that wanted to join. We knew the right language to market to kids our age. 

We sat down and brainstormed for a couple of hours on the name, content, and logo. We worked together and created a great slogan, logo, and content! Everyone used their unique skills to work together and create something way better than the librarians or even just one of us could have created. 

Who Can I Collaborate With?

Did you think marketing was a solo job? Did you think you would never work with anyone but yourself? That is not the case. In marketing, you must work with the rest of the company to create a brilliant marketing strategy. 

You have to connect with sales, customer support, and operations. All of them have to work together. Sales tells you what’s selling, customer support tells you what people are loving and what the problems are, and operations tells you what is going well in making the product. You are always working with someone. Marketing is the team player.


I hope this changed your mind about marketing. It’s not a solo job and doesn’t just consist of making ads and social media posts. You have to work with the rest of the company to get the best result. 

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