How to Communicate With a Team

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Communication is something a lot of people struggle with. Everyone varies and has a different personality. When you go into any sort of business role communication is important for all of them. With a team, communication becomes even harder because everyone will have varying personalities. But how do you learn how to communicate with a team?

What Skills You Need

For great communication with a team, you need a variety of skills. One of them is having a great personality that makes people want to talk to you. If you are open and enthusiastic about your job people will be more likely to want to talk to you. Your teammates will want to come to you with their issues and will trust that you can take care of them. 

You also need to be a great listener. If you don’t hear what the person’s problem is or what they need you won’t get anywhere. Hearing from everyone in the team is crucial so everyone feels heard. 

It is also good to have writing communication skills as well as verbal ones. If you can get your point across easily people will understand you better. Your team dynamic will improve if you communicate well verbally and in emails and messages.

How I Learned to Communicate With a Team 

Over a year ago I was part of a program called NASA High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) it’s a science program for juniors. During this program, you have a boot camp from October to February doing different science projects. If you do well you’re selected for a trip to the Johnson Space Center for a week. I was selected but Covid-19 started so we had to do a virtual program instead. 

When the program started we had to volunteer for different positions and stay connected via video calls and texting. This limits communication and makes it difficult to connect with your fellow team members. I volunteered for the leadership position so it was my responsibility to make sure everything got done. It was challenging because we were in a completely virtual setting. 

We had to complete a certain amount of tasks daily and as a team. There were a couple members that didn’t show up at the allotted time. I didn’t know what to do. I contacted them multiple times asking them to finish their tasks. It took a while but they got all of their work done. I learned great written communication with all of my team members and they knew what they were supposed to do. I cheered my team on and we did well in the program!

Best Practices to Improve Your Team Communication

Communication contains many components. Some of it comes naturally and some of it you have to learn. You might have an easier time communicating if you are outgoing and willing to talk, but you can always learn how to talk to people. Getting out of your comfort zone helps you learn something new. 

Another skill that is important is listening. If you can listen to someone’s problems and hear them out you can learn a lot. Hearing all sides of the story makes communication and solving the problem easier. Slowing down and taking in all the details will help a lot.

For written and verbal communication it’s important to practice. Practicing your writing and talking to people will make you that much better at communication. The best way to learn is to write and talk to people. The more experience you have the better you get.

Every Experience is Valuable 

Communication is a hard skill. Talking to people can be scary if you aren’t used to it. All of that can be overcome by perseverance and hard work. I didn’t have great communication skills when I started the HAS program but I came out of it with great ones. I also learned how to lead a team and how to work hard to get good at something. In every experience, you can learn a new skill. All of this is possible for anyone if they are willing to work hard and believe in themselves.

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