I Built an FAQ Page For Blue Willow Books To Improve Response Time

Blue Willow Books is an independent bookstore located in Houston, Texas. I have participated in many of their virtual author events. Authors typically include Blue Willow as a stop on their book tours!

On one of my recent virtual events with them, I noticed their website didn’t have an FAQ page. They are very active on social media and answer a lot of questions in the comments, but most common customer questions should be answered with a static FAQ page on the website. 

I created an FAQ page for them and used TextExpander to answer questions. The FAQ page would benefit Blue Willow by making it easier for customers to find answers to their questions without having to contact them. 

What is TextExpander? TextExpander is a software that you can use to expand text without having to write the whole thing out. TextExpander uses abbreviations that you can type and it will expand the abbreviation into a word, sentence, or even a full paragraph. This saves a lot of time especially for FAQs because the answer can be stored and you never have to worry about your grammar.

TextExpander makes it easier for Blue Willow’s employees to answer questions quickly and efficiently. I am familiar with Blue Willow and their values so I am a great person to design this. 

FAQ Page

I created a backend page on my own WordPress website in order to display the design of the FAQs I wrote for Blue Willow. When choosing what questions to include, I looked closely at their Instagram and read the comments on their posts. 

Here is the page I designed in WordPress:

Blue Willow has a very friendly tone, and has very informal answers, but gives all the information you need. I picked the questions that would be hard to find the answer to on their Instagram. These questions are the most relevant and valuable to a customer. 

When designing the page, I tried to make the blue lettering as close as possible so it would blend seamlessly into their site. Using the same format as Blue Willow’s site would make it very easy to add the FAQ page. 

The questions were found from Blue Willow Books Instagram specifically. Their Instagram had the most questions compared to any other social platform. Blue Willow Books employees answer most of the questions so it was fairly easy to find the information I need to create the FAQs. 

I also looked at their site carefully and came up with some questions that the average site user would want to know and the answers that weren’t obvious at a first glance. 

How to Use TextExpander

After designing the page I added all the answers to the questions into TextExpander. I made a video showcasing this. 

Skills I Learned 

In this project I learned how to find questions for a business, use TextExpander, and design a page. TextExpander is a useful tool that I can use in the future to help my writing happen much faster. Designing the page on WordPress was fun because I got to match the site to look the same so it could be added quickly. I also learned how to:

  • Create a project for a company
  • Use a new tool quickly
  • Time management and project management
  • Find a problem in a business quickly
  • Keep going even when things get hard

I can use my new time management and problem-solving skills to help me create projects for companies I will work for in the future. I will also be able to persevere and keep going when things get hard. Overall this was a great project and I learned so much!

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