In 30 Days I Learned How Instagram’s Algorithm Works and Drove Engagement

This month I did a project to help increase my social media following on my Instagram and YouTube. I gave myself the challenge to post on Instagram every day for the whole month and put out 1 or 2 YouTube videos every week. I wanted to build my following but I also wanted to get my creative juices flowing again and put out videos and pictures I was proud of.

Halfway through the month, I had to change that goal to remove the YouTube videos because I was getting burned out. This is addressed in week 3. I also added an extra Reel in week 4.

I learned a lot of amazing skills like:

  • Social media marketing
  • Dedication
  • How to make Reels on Instagram
  • Consistency
  • Navigating Social Media Algorithms

You can follow my journey on this page.

Why This Project?

During my senior year of high school, I was insanely busy. I tried to keep up with my content creation but eventually, it was too much and I had to stop. I really missed putting out content and interacting with my followers so I decided why not get back into it?

I wanted to learn new skills like how algorithms worked, what works for social media marketing, and if I was capable of putting out content every day. Challenging myself to keep going and not give up was really important to me. Even when this month is over I want to keep putting out a post on my Instagram every day to help build my presence.

Here’s how it went.

Weekly Updates

Week 1

Start of project + posting Reels

Week 2

Condensed down to one YouTube video a week

Week 3

New system for increasing following

Week 4

Project wrap up + more Reels

Skills I Learned

How to Make Reels

How to Use Zapier to Link Instagram and LinkedIn

How to Make the Instagram Algorithm Work for Me

My Accomplishments

What I successfully completed:

  • Posting every day
  • Making at least one Reel a week
  • Learning consistency
  • How to navigate the Instagram algorithm
  • Social media marketing

I learned a lot about how social media works and how to use it to my advantage.

What This Says About Me

  • I can take on a challenge and complete it successfully. 
  • I can learn a new skill quickly 
  • I can market on social media
  • I can make a Reel
  • I can be consistent and stick with something
  • I can teach other people how to do things
  • I can ask other people for help

What I Would Have Done Differently

This was a very challenging project for me. I was successful in completing it but there were definitely bumps in the road. 

If I were to do this project again there are multiple things I would do differently. I would implement the social media skills I learned in week 3 at the beginning so I could increase my following faster. 

I would switch my account to a business account at the beginning. I didn’t know it would give me analytics and that would have helped me a lot. 

I would have taken photos ahead of time instead of day by day. Scheduling out my posts would have helped so much with planning and I wouldn’t have had to scramble every day to come up with a new photo idea.

Final Takeaways

Even though I hit some bumps in the road this was a really fun project. I really enjoyed learning about Instagram and Reels. Learning about the algorithm was so helpful and I will be using that knowledge in the future for sure. 

I also had an amazing group of people that really helped me learn things really quickly because I started learning some of this in the middle of the month. Overall this was a really valuable project and I learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

I plan on continuing to post every day on Instagram and making at least one Reel a week. This was a really fun part of my project and I want to continue that. I need to reevaluate my YouTube since it didn’t work out for this project.

I will be switching to a business account so I can get the analytics and make my posting even better. I am going to continue to improve my Instagram page and content in the years to come. 

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