Week 1: In 30 Days I Learned How Instagram’s Algorithm Works and Drove Engagement

Week 1 Update

This month I am focusing on building my social media presence, increasing my following, and learning about the Instagram algorithm. I am posting every day on Instagram, creating two YouTube videos a week, and making one Reel for Instagram a week. Here’s how week 1 went.


I successfully posted a picture every day. Some of them got more engagement than others. This week’s most popular post was this one: 

You can also visit the post here. I got 40 likes in 3 days which isn’t a lot but I only have a little over 200 followers so it is one of my more popular posts. 

This week’s least popular post was this one:

You can also visit the post here. This one got only 15 likes in 6 days. It did get a comment but it had very low engagement. The only reason I can think of is that I posted a very similar picture the day before and people weren’t as interested. 

This is what my grid looks like currently. The last two posts are old but the next 7 are all new. 


What is a Reel? A Reel is a 15, 30, or 60-second video. In this video, you can use different audio and video clips to make a funny or informative video. You can also use different people’s audio if you love their video concept. This boosts their video and helps get views for you as well. 

My Reel was very popular. Reels get way more engagement than posts because the Instagram algorithm changed. The algorithm boosts Reels so more people see them which is why I wanted to post at least 1 a week. You can see the Reel I made here.

It was fun to learn how to make a Reel and choose which audio I wanted to use. I tried to choose popular audio to help get more views. I ended up getting 2,000 views within the first 12 hours. Since then I haven’t gotten many more but I only have around 200 followers, as I mentioned before, so it reached a lot of new people. I will definitely continue making Reels because it is going to really help me boost my engagement. 

Instagram Follower Increase

At the beginning of the week, I had 204 followers. I ended the week with 208. This isn’t a huge increase, but I’m just getting started so I didn’t expect a huge increase within the first week. As I continue putting out content for the next 3 weeks the number of followers should increase. Ideally, I want at least 100 more followers this month. 

Reels will be very effective in drawing in a larger following if I make more. I will stick to at least once a week but I might try and make more since they are so effective. Posting consistently will still help me because my posts will keep showing up in people’s feeds. The more they see the posts the more likely they will be to follow me.


I was still brainstorming ideas for my videos so I ended up only posting one. Coming up with ideas takes some time and I wanted to think of some creative ones before posting. I had a video in reserve from a few months ago so I posted that one. Visit it here. 

The video hasn’t really had any engagement at all but I posted it at the end of the week and I didn’t get a lot of views before. I posted a story on my Instagram to tell everyone about the new video. I’m hoping some more people will see my video soon. 

I didn’t get any more subscribers but I haven’t really posted that much. Posting consistently again will help engagement. I will need to brainstorm some more ideas. I will be looking at other booktubers and asking for feedback from my peers. This will help me come up with some new great ideas. 

Final Thoughts

This week went really well on my end. I completed everything I wanted besides not posting a second YouTube video. I was happy that I consistently posted on my Instagram and made a Reel. Those were big accomplishments for me. I am excited to see how much I grow in the next 3 weeks! Want to see how week 2 went? Click here.

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