How to Use Zapier to Link Instagram and LinkedIn

This month I am focusing on building my social media presence and increasing my following. I am posting every day on Instagram and making two Reels for Instagram a week. Today I’m talking about Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a software that links apps together. When you post something on one app it will automatically post on the app that is linked to. That is what I did for my Instagram and LinkedIn. 

I was thinking of other ways to get my content out in the world, and my Instagram content on other platforms would help reach more people and get more followers. 

Loom Video

In this video I cover how to use Zapier. I show how to create Zaps, which link two different apps together. There is an action like posting new content on one app which causes the other app to also post content. For my Instagram, I made the “action” posting new content. I then linked it to LinkedIn which would post an update on my page. I can customize what is said and link it directly to my post. 

Final Thoughts

Linking my Instagram and LinkedIn was very easy and quick. It helps me get more reach and shows my posts to a bigger community. Linking my Instagram and LinkedIn also gave me an opportunity to learn how to use a new tool. 

So far I haven’t really seen much new engagement from my LinkedIn posts. I didn’t expect a huge new following from this but having my Instagram posts on my LinkedIn makes it easy for me to show people them. My LinkedIn followers will see them and be more likely to follow me. 

Even if I don’t get any new followers from my LinkedIn, I know how to use Zapier for future projects and can link any app I want. This helps to make systems more efficient and is really important for the future.

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