Week 4: In 30 Days I Learned How Instagram’s Algorithm Works and Drove Engagement

This month, I am focusing on building my social media presence, increasing my following, and learning about the Instagram algorithm. I am posting every day on Instagram and making two Reels for Instagram a week. Want to see how my journey began? Click here

Here’s how week 4 went!


I was able to post every day! I’m really glad I have been able to keep this up. It was a pretty challenging part of the project but it was also fun!

This week was Thanksgiving break so I wasn’t sure what photos I would be taking. There were a lot of things going on so finding time was going to be harder. Thankfully I was able to find the time and take some great photos this week.

On Thanksgiving, my dog decided to lay his head on one of my books. My dad took some quick photos and that became the photo for the day. It was really nice that it was so natural and it made it really easy. Don’t forget that you can take photos of just everyday life. I had forgotten that and I’m really glad I got that picture up. 

This photo also ended up being my most popular photo of the week! It got 33 likes in one day. I think it was because it had my dog in the photo because a lot of people commented about their pets. Everyone loves cute pets! It was a different post but everyone seemed to like it. I will probably post more pictures of my dog in the future. Visit it here

This week’s least popular post was this one

It still got 16 likes so I’m doing much better than last week. Last week my lowest post was 9 likes so I’m improving. Making my photos different and branching out definitely helped my engagement. 

I almost forgot to post for a couple days and I had to rush to take a photo. I ended up with a great one I love! Visit it here.

It was dark and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet. I went outside and my mom turned the light on right as I was taking the picture. It turned out great!

Here’s this week’s grid!


This week I made two Reels. You can visit them here and here. The first one didn’t even get 200 views. I’m not sure why. It could have been the time or the day. I used popular audio and did the same things I have been doing. 

The second one got over 2,00 views in the first 2 hours. I don’t know what changed but it was very popular. I wasn’t on Instagram for a while after I posted it which I’ve heard is effective. That helped with views I believe. 

Reels are still so much fun. I really enjoy making them and finding audio. I like taking audio and doing a book spin on it to match my account. You can do that with almost every audio you come across. 

Final Thoughts

I’m so glad I did this project. This week was a great week to finish on. I was able to take my Reel skills and use them to make a second Reel. I plan on continuing with posting every day and making Reels after this project is over. It was a great experience and I learned so much. Thanks for following my journey! 

Want to see how my project started? Click here for week 1.

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