Week 1 At My New Job!

So week 1…… Wait, you don’t know what I’m talking about?! Well, let me start from the beginning. 

After 3 long months of searching, I got a job! A full-time one at that. I wasn’t sure how to feel, equal parts excited and utterly terrified. But let me go back even further to how I got the job. 

Getting the Job

I’d been searching for a job for quite some time now. I was applying and emailing for all sorts of different jobs like sales, customer support, and social media marketing, etc. By that time I hadn’t really been getting very far in the application process. Sometimes I wouldn’t even make it to the first interview and get rejected immediately. 

Now that can be very discouraging for someone trying to start their career. But I didn’t let that stop me and I kept applying. There were some days I asked myself why I’m doing this? What’s the point? I’m never going to get a job. But then my friends and family would pick me up again and I would keep going. 

So back to this job process. I got an email from a hiring manager that asked if I wanted to have a lunch interview. I’ll admit that I was kind of unsure how I felt about that. I hadn’t done a lunch interview before and that seemed scary. 

I ended up asking my advisor what she thought about me doing this. She told me you’ll be fine. Even if nothing pans out at least you’ll get the practice. So I accepted and we  had lunch 

The Interview

We hit it off and he had invited one of the newer employees to the interview so I could get his perspective on the company. It was honestly such a great interview. Afterwards, the hiring manager immediately followed up with good news. He wanted to send me an offer!

He thought I was a great fit but it was Friday so he said I wouldn’t get the offer till Monday. In my head I’m thinking “whattttt he wants to offer me a job? And “I’m going to have to agonizingly wait the whole weekend to hear back and see if this is legit or not?” I was excited but also was like is this real? I didn’t want to get my hopes up. 

So I waited the weekend to see if I would get the offer. I have to say it was probably the most painful weekend of my life.

The Offer!

Then Sunday night. I. Got. The. Offer. It was like 11:00 at night and suddenly I had a job offer in my inbox. In the morning after thinking about it all night I accepted the offer! I was now an employee at……..

Do you want to know what the company’s called? Are you at the edge of your seat wondering? Oh well sorry, I won’t tell you till the next post.  

Just kidding. I am now an employee at a small software company called Cetec ERP. I’m a member of the support team and help solve issues and talk to customers.

So after that long-winded backstory here’s how the first week went.

The First Week

My first day was spent almost entirely watching videos and poking around in the system trying to figure it out. Our software is immensely complicated and I mean immensely

My boss told me that the learning curve is ridiculous and I probably won’t even be confident till like the 8-month mark at least. Which was encouraging and yet terrifying at the same time. But I was ready to buckle down and learn as much as I could. I spent my second day pretty much doing the same thing. 

On the third day, I got to sit down with one of our support people and help him work on tickets. It was really hard and he had to explain a lot to me because I didn’t know anything. But it was great to get into the action and feel useful. I have to admit the videos were quite boring but they were necessary. 

I spent the rest of my first week continuing to work on ticketing and learning new things. Because every ticket is so different you can learn something from every single one.. 

Partway through my second week I’m starting to learn how some processes work and how to use our software. It’ll be a long time before I fully know what I’m doing but I’m excited to keep learning. 

What’s Next for Me?

So my first week went great besides the fact that it felt like my brain was going to melt out of my head the first couple of days because of the information overload. I’m really enjoying it and I’m really excited to see where I end up even a month from now. 

The plan is to document every week of work. I’m not sure if that will happen but I do want to document how my onboarding process goes for future employees. But keep an eye on my blog so you can keep up with all my fun (ok might not be always fun) processes and weekly updates that may or may not be weekly. 

Keep reading, my bookish friends, 


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