Week 2 and 3 at Cetec ERP!

As I’m already starting my 4th week at Cetec I decided to combine my week 2 and 3 documentation. I”m going to talk about networking and why it’s valuable. 

I’m writing this after an awesome call about networking. I have a weekly call in a professional group I’m a part of and we talk about all sorts of different topics. This time it was about networking. 

Usually, we invite outside professionals to talk about their careers but today it was a fellow member of the group getting to talk about his career and how networking has made a big difference for him. It was very exciting and it got me thinking about how I want to network for this job and with fellow professionals. 

So I’m going to tell you about how in the past couple of weeks I was networking without even realizing it. 

Networking in Relation to Cetec ERP

Networking is incredibly important for your career. You need to make connections and learn as much as you can from fellow professionals. I realized that I don’t actively do this. I do try and reach out to other people in my professional group and make friends like anyone would but I don’t go the extra mile to reach out personally to people asking to connect. 

Now with starting my new job I haven’t been able to go out and hang out with friends as much as I used to. I have however been able to get to know my coworkers. I really have focused on getting to know them and becoming friends. 

The work environment makes it really easy to do this because it is incredibly laid back and we work in an open office without any cubicles or anything. There are just desks and chairs all over and you can sit and work together. I love that everyone is able to work closely with each other. 

We do try and have work events where we socialize outside of work. My bosses really try and keep a great work environment. One example is a work dinner at the end of week 3.

Office Dinner

Here is the biggest networking opportunity I had these past couple of weeks. I ended up making some great connections! One of my bosses invited everyone to a dinner at his house. It was so much fun! I got to talk to people outside of a work setting and get to know them better. 

I ended up meeting a lot of people’s spouses and partners that night and it was great! I connected with one and she and I exchanged numbers! We now talk about books all the time. I’m so glad I got to connect with people. 

I didn’t realize it but I was networking that night. I met new people and connected with them. Networking can help you so much in the long run. I’m going to be focusing on networking more and try to put myself out there. 

So biggest takeaway is networking. Go out there and network! Or at least go make some friends because guess what? That’s still networking! If you want to read last week’s blog post go here.

Stay bookish my friends,


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