Week 4!

I made it to week 4! Yes! 4 whole weeks at the company and things are going great. Insert record scratch here. Well, things were going great until I got Covid. Yep. That was super fun. So how did week 4 really go?

Getting Covid

Monday was great. Just a normal day at the office. I felt a little off but nothing too bad. Then I woke up on Tuesday and I felt horrible. My dad was just getting over Covid so I tested. I was negative yay! So I just stayed home that day and hoped to be better by the morning. Wednesday comes around and my mom tested positive. So I test again just to be sure I don’t have it. As I’m sure you can guess it was positive. Yayyyy. Que 5 days of quarantine. 


I had to quarantine in my room so I hopefully wouldn’t give it to my sisters  So I spent the next 5 days straight in my room. What do you do in quarantine? Let me fill you in. 

For starters, I didn’t do much work because I wasn’t feeling great. So I ended up watching a lot of TV which surprises no one. I thought I would read more because I am a huge reader as I’m sure most of you know but my brain was too tired. So there was a lot of time spent sleeping and watching exorbitant amounts of TV. 

What did I end up watching? I found this great show on Netflix called On My Block. Definitely check it out if you have a chance. It’s about a group of 4 teens trying to navigate high school when they live in a rough neighborhood with gangs and criminals everywhere. It’s really awesome because it focuses on tough issues like racism and has a mainly Black and Latinx cast. 

I also watched a few movies. I watched Five Feet Apart which is really good but also sad. Tall Girl 2 was fine but nothing too exciting. Rewatched He’s All That and X-Men Days of Future Past. They are both great movies. Lastly, I watched Top Gun because I had never seen it and wanted to see Top Gun: Maverick with my family. It was really good! 

It was very weird to have all my meals brought to me. I didn’t like not being able to make any food for myself. Also not leaving my room was annoying as well. You feel trapped kind of like a caged animal. I’m so glad quarantine was 5 days instead of 10. I can’t imagine how long that would have been. 

Getting Out of Quarantine 

After getting out of quarantine it was amazing. I was so glad to be able to walk around my house and see my family. I’m really thankful I didn’t have really bad symptoms and as far as I can tell I didn’t give it to my sisters. 

So week 4 didn’t consist of much work but it did make me grateful for everything I have in my life. Going into this next week it’s been nice to get back into the groove even though I haven’t been able to go back to the office yet. 

Stay bookish my friends,


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