Week 6!

Starting week 6 was a bit of an adjustment. At the end of the week before we had an employee leave. He was on our support team which is the team I’m a part of. We went from 5 members to 4. That caused us to have to shift support hours around and adjust to having one less person.

Adjusting to Losing an Employee

All of the hours of the day are divided up. Each person has designated support hours where they are primary support. This is to be sure that there is always someone to contact during all business hours. When you lose a person everyone has to take on more support hours. I ended up with a second support hour when I only had one before. It wasn’t a huge change but others had to take on more than that in order to balance the hours.

Another thing was the guy who left was our most experienced support person. He had been at the company the longest so we asked him a lot of questions. There were plenty of other people to ask but they are much busier than he was. Especially since I was the new person losing that avenue of knowledge and help was difficult.

He also answered a lot of support calls. So now we had one less person answering calls as well. Overall it was a very big change because we had to fill in the hole of a whole other person. 

New Responsibilities

After he left I realized I should probably get connected to the phone system. I hadn’t until now just because I was still really new and wouldn’t know the answers to a lot of questions. But with one less person to answer the phone, I needed to get connected! So I got connected to the phone system. I answered my first phone call and it went well! I answered other phone calls and some didn’t go as well but we persevere!

I also took on a lot more support tickets. Even if I wasn’t able to answer it I would get help and work through it with someone. Pretty much the whole week was taking on more work. 

The week was full of new things and learning to navigate having one less person to do things. We ended up doing fine and it was a great week!

Stay bookish my friends,


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