Week 7, 8, and 9!

Well, life has been crazy. I missed 3 weeks of documentation whoops. But we’re going to try and get back on track! A lot happened in these 3 weeks so let’s get to it. These past 3 weeks have included a new release of our software, an employee vacation, and a trip to Nashville! 

Trip to Nashville!

I ended week 7 with an awesome trip to Nashville! I went for the weekend for a camp-style retreat. We stayed at a camp about an hour outside of Nashville in the middle of nowhere. I got there on Friday and left on Sunday. It was a pretty fast trip but it was so much fun!

We made a bonfire one night, did some hiking, and played some carnival games. We had a lot of free time to get to know each other better. I met a ton of cool people and made some great connections. It was really nice to get away and it was the first time I had flown by myself!

New Release of Our Software

Week 8 was packed full because we were leading up to a new release. Every few months at Cetec we release a new version of our software because we are constantly trying to improve upon our software and fix bugs. 

A couple of weeks back we had our testing day where we test and be sure everything is working. Then we slowly update our customers’ software so they have the new version. We do it server by server because there are always problems when a new version comes out and we don’t want support flooded with tickets. 

There were definitely some issues. We had a lot of customers complain that things were different as well. With every new version, it happens and we are prepared for it. For every new feature we add or bug we fix there are unknown consequences that we can’t foresee. 

One nice thing is there are usually repeat issues so I was able to help people with problems because they had happened before. I felt very knowledgeable. This doesn’t happen much because I’m new. 

Employee on Vacation

At the end of week 8 and the beginning of week 9, one of our employees was on vacation. He is a member of the support team. Now I’m part of a support team of 4 so with him gone it was much harder to get all the tickets done. Another person on the support team is only part-time so she’s off by 1 pm. So from 1-5 pm, it’s just me and the other guy on the support team. On top of that, he was sick so he was struggling to get things done. 

One day I was by myself from 1-5 pm. No one else was on support. I could ask other people not on my team to help but I had to fend for myself. It was honestly very nerve-wracking for me. Thankfully no one called and there were very few tickets. But that was the first time I had to do that and I hope to never have to do it again. 

So getting through the week was rough because one less person made a huge difference. We were a bit more on edge and stressed out because of it. By the end of it, we couldn’t wait for him to come back. But we made it through it was just a rough week.

Overall it was a very crazy few weeks. I also didn’t really have the motivation to write out these blog posts. I’m thinking maybe I should change the way I do them and maybe do videos or social media posts instead. We will see.

Stay bookish my friends,


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